Couplet 1 :
Give him the glory
Give him the honour
He is exalted
Above all others
He is our Saviour
Shield and protector
He reigns forever
And we gotta gotta give Him praise

Couplet 2 :
Jehovah Jireh
He’s my provider
Guiding my pathway
Taking me higher
There are no limits
There are no boundaries
Nothing can stop us
And we gotta gotta give Him praise

Interlude :
Your name above other names
God you are worthy

Gotta give ‘im, give ‘im, give ‘im
Gotta give ‘im, give ‘im praise

Paroles : Stephen Lewis pour Legacy Music House, chanteurs de Jireh
Musique : Frantz-Lee Léonard, Stephen Lewis, chanteurs de Jireh
Batterie & clavier : Frantz-Lee Léonard
Basse : Alex Paquette
Guitare : Hubert Tremblay