Ronny Désinor  Band

Instrument: Drum

Place of birth: Haiti

Favorite Jireh song: “Son nom est Jesus” because there are so many details for me as a musician even though the lyrics are simple.  This song shows you how powerful God is and God is always there. This song makes me wanna close my eyes but I can’t really because I need to see were I’m hitting looolll

Favorite Jireh experience: In Switzerland with Jireh because that was my first trip in Europe going to another big jazz festival. I am an artistic guy who really loves beautiful landscapes. We slept on a mountain, played on a boat, I even remember that I had forgotten that I was playing on a boat and for 2 seconds I lost my balance… well nobody noticed…  People were so nice, it was the first time I had to sign autographs for kids. I like  Swiss cheese but one of the things I liked the most about that trip is the fact that they had alot of workshops with many popular artists and musicians as well. At the end of all of this we had a good performance and people were blessed!

Biography: Born in Haiti, Ronny came to Montreal at the age of 1 year old. His passion for the drums started at the age of 9. He then started to take lessons at the Conservatoire de musique Moderne with Evens Mode, also known as Bob, a drum teacher and also a well-known sound technician. Ronny began playing at church at the age of 12. Although gospel music has always been a major part of his life, he’s a versatile drum player. Ronny studied music at Vanier College with Nassyr Abdul-al-Khabyyr, top drum teacher. He has played with most gospel groups and choirs in Montreal, and with many artists. He has travelled throughout the province of Quebec, played at the Montreal Jazz Festival, The FrancoFolies. He has also travelled around the world (Switzerland, Atlantic city, Africa, Hong Kong, etc). He writes, produces, sings, and does vocal and musical arrangements. In other words, he does it all!!!

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