Nathania Richard  Alto

Place of birth: Abbotsford, BC

Favorite Jireh song:  Wow. It’s hard to say, I’d have to say “I lift up my hands to you”. This song is just very honest, it’s easy to relate to and I think I often come to a place where I’m not sure what to say to God or how to express myself to Him, and this song just simply communicates that surrender.

Favorite Jireh experience:  These people! They’re so welcoming and supportive, you feel a part of the family right from the start it’s crazy! My favourite moment was probably in one of the rehearsals, Carol got us to sit in a circle and she encouraged us to share about what difference Jesus makes in our lives, and to not be afraid of vulnerability. And while not everyone had a chance to share, I think it was a precious thing to hear from each other and be able to pray as a family, putting into action the songs we so love to sing together. 

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