Jonathan Gédéon  Tenor

Place of birth: Montreal

Favorite Jireh song:  My journey with Jireh Gospel Choir is just beginning and I have not had the chance to browse the repertoire completely. However, I can say ‘We Praise Your Name’ is a song that touches me. It is an invitation for all to sing, praise and exalt our great God, lifting up holy hands before Him for He deserves all the glory. ” We Praise Your Name ‘ highlights the greatness and power of God and because of that, we have no choice but to praise His name in all times!

Favorite Jireh experience:  I really appreciate the way Jireh has welcomed me. From the first moment I felt I was a part of this beautiful family where God’s presence is always “au rendez-vous”.  I believe that God has great things in store for me with Jireh and I think that all my experiences with this choir will be rewarding and a blessing. What a joy and privilege to be part of the Jireh family! God is good!

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