Carol Bernard  Director

Place of birth: Montreal

Favorite Jireh experience: Hard to choose one…but one great thing is that I get to experience this adventure with my husband!

Biography: Carol Bernard has built an impressive music career as choir director, manager, singer, arranger, producer, and teacher. This sought-after choir director founded the Jireh Gospel Choir and the 80-voice Montreal Gospel Choir, has been a judge for the Juno Awards, and was the music director of a 2000-member French church in Montreal. In February 2013 Carol was honored as a Black History Month Laureate, underlining her contribution to Quebec society. Her talent for communicating the authenticity of gospel music through the voices of her singers has attracted sold-out performances. And her workshops have been enthusiastically received in Canada and Europe.

Born in Montreal to Jamaican parents, Carol was encouraged to start classical piano lessons when she was 8 years old. Not too many years later she started directing the choir at her small church. Carol’s vocation for leadership in music became clear; however, it wouldn’t be until 1999 that she would leave a senior management position at CN Rail to pursue music full time. Bernard returned to university and completed a degree in music at the Université de Montréal, adding to her existing degree in mathematics and computer science from McGill University.

Carol is married to Ted Dettweiler and lives in Montreal, Canada.

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