Thanks to all of you who have loved, supported and prayed for me and for Jireh Gospel Choir since 1996. Don’t stop. We need you. I hope you love this new music, that it will inspire you to “Get Up” from any situation that is weighing you down, and that you too will experience “Real Love”. Don’t give up. “Tiens bon”.

A HUGE thank you to the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Records (FACTOR) for supporting Jireh’s music .

To my husband Ted, who I first met when he came to audition for the first gospel choir I ever directed: I thank God so much for you, my love. Can’t imagine life without you.   What great adventures we’ve had so far!!   I will love you forever.

Alex: you’re the man. Thank you for all your hard work. Bravo for putting God first, exemplified by starting sessions at Studio Lexa with prayer. Thank you for sincerely caring about what I wanted, not always agreeing with me, and basically making it happen. We did it!

Rex, my brother and dear friend: I love the way you love God and people. And I love your artistry both in music and graphic design. Thank you for agreeing to assist me with the production of this CD.   That was a breakthrough for me.

Gabrielle, you’re the best…a precious gift of God to me. I cannot imagine a better assistant. BRAVO.

Singers (a.k.a. Jireh tribe): WE DID IT!!!!!! Thank you for investing in this project, for your hearts for God, for sharing my vision for Jireh, for taking care of each other and for loving and following me.   This is an unforgettable moment in Jireh’s history. I’m so glad that you are a part of it.

Songwriters: Thank you for the beautiful songs. Keep writing. Please! Stephen Lewis…I’m still amazed by the song you created out of scraps I fed you from jam sessions with the Jireh singers. Ha ha!!! Because of you a lot of Jireh is in this project. We got you!

Musicians: Thank you for working and creating with Alex. I keep hearing delicious things that I didn’t hear the first time. Wow. You guys can play.

Jasmin Skerritt (voice coach): So glad you were a part of this project. Just those three sessions you had with the singers made a difference. You’re good.

Anna Segal, Virginia Hemmerle, Kelly Clarke Paul: Expressing my prayer request for songs for the album at small group and knowing you were praying unlocked something. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

To my parents. Thank you both for your unconditional love, pointing me to Jesus, putting music in my life, believing that I could do anything that I put my mind to, and for all the laughter! Daddy, thank you for always pushing. Mommy, you’re no longer with us…and we miss you.