Let me start by expressing gratitude to the Almighty for allowing me to do what I love for His glory.  Without Jesus, this album is meaningless.

To my Beautiful Wife Junie, I could’ve never done this without you.  God put you on my path through ministry and your understanding and support will always be dear to my heart.  Mwen renmen-w pase sa-m pa konnen.

Thanks to both my little boys Emrick & Andy who are my greatest supporters.  You boys are my inspiration and my greatest judges.

Thanks to my family and friends who have always showed me love and support.

To my “Galilée” family, and especially Pasteur Fortuné and Sr. Vesta, God used you to bring me to him and I will always be grateful.  Thanks for allowing me use the church’s facilities over and over again.  Without it this album would not be what it is now.  MARANATHA!!!

To both my best buddies, Ralph & David, you guys are a key in both my musical AND spiritual journey.  I’ll ALWAYS be grateful to God for allowing me to meet you.

To the Band:  Kepler, Ronny, Frantz-Lee, Dave D, Alain, Hubert, Philippe, Madner, Jackson, Hichem, Alex Dion, Matthieu  You brought my crazy ideas to life.  Thanks for making my job easier.

To the best String Quartet in the world: Pascale, Chantal, Geneviève & Caroline, I’m amazed at HOW easy it was to work with you.

To Tim: It was an honour to work with you.  You brought the music to such a great level.  It’s been a rough journey but we did it.

To the Jireh Tribe: You guys pulled it off!!!  This is only the beginning.  Rawk On!!!!

To Rex: You are a gifted man.  I always fed off everything you said.

To Carol: This is IT.  Thanks for all these years of trust.  You’ve been a key to my producing journey.  I’m really proud of what God has allowed us to accomplish.  You are a big Sis to me and I cherish our relationship.  There are very few people I know that will drive such a big boat with so much grace and integrity.  Long life to JIREH!!!